Primrose Hill Farm! An interesting job, that was slightly unusual for us as the structure didn’t move in the wind! At this point I could say that as a more constructed and permanent building all the bays were Square, straight, level and correct!

As I’m sure John Jeffery’s owner and client won’t mind me saying this wasn’t the case, being a quite old steel frame barn, everything was very very wonky! A decision was made quite early on to fit the glass and Doors as a curtain wall system! Outside of the leg.

Luckily within our Bespoke Aluminium Window Profile Range we had a perfect Aluminium joining profile to join the panels, and again a sketch book and pencil for design of the brackets for fitting to structure.

As the installation was of a permanent nature and as Johns budget would just about allow, it was decided the panels should be as large as possible for an uninterrupted view out on to the amazing Oxfordshire countryside, and units would be glazed with 6mm/12mm/6mm Argon filled Double glazed sealed units! At this point my back starts to ACHE! or it would have if I had actually been silly enough to try and lift any! our installation crew however did report back, they were not amused.

The installation when finished looked Fabulous!