Multiwall® System is the Premier collapsible Window, Wall and Door system for event structure in the UK and Europe today.

  • This revised Panoramic design will fit quickly and easily into most 3m and 5m Marquee bays. Larger panels require more glass but less Aluminium and less labour, making then cheaper per square foot relative to the 1m system.
  • Panoramic Multiwall® will only fit into 3m and 5m bays making them slightly less versatile but a cheaper option if multiple bay sizes are not required.

Accessories to complement the Multiwall® system include:

  • Disabled ramps.
  • Aluminium guttering
  • Gable end fixing kits
  • 45 degree fixing kits
  • Tinted glass
  • Double glazing
  • Full range of powder coated colours available.